Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day 2: Post surgery update March 15, 2012

The surgery went well.  We were told there would be three options: (1) they would be able to close up the wound, (2) they would be need to do a graft (if there was a little too much swelling still), or they would leave it open, then go back in again on Saturday and close it up (if there was still way too much swelling).  The surgeon said that it all looked great and that he was easily able to close it.  So he is now done with surgeries on his right arm.  Good news.

We are still awaiting the full and final MRI report, but they have reported to us that they did find "mild diffuse axonal injury".  We don't know anything further at this point.  This information was relayed through the Trauma PA, who said the MD would fill us in further once he received the full report.  So..... not good news, not surprising (since he hasn't been able to wake up yet), but at least we know.  With this news we will definitely expect a slower neurological recovery.  They will still continue to do the "wake assessments".  I would fully expect some loud cheering from room 1016 (ICU North) when he finally does wake up.

Now that we are expecting a longer neurological recovery, and the fact that he still has another surgery to wire his jaw shut, we may be looking at taking off the ventilator and inserting a trach and a feeding tube.  The "gabillion" MDs on his case will be conferencing and making a plan...

For now, we are relieved to know what we are dealing with, we know that we will need to be more patient with his recovery time, and we are praying hard that his brain heals as quickly and well as every other injury has so far.

Love you all,


  1. Dear Patti, Ashley, and Family,
    This is Matt Carter, Scott's friend from elementary/middle school. He and I just reconnected recently and found we are both in such similar life situations with medical school and the like (I'm in my third year too). I was so taken back with this news and I want to offer my help with anything I can possibly do. I'm sure you are all so busy and just trying to get through each day. We love Scott and all of you, and you are in our prayers! Please, if we can help in any way, let us know.

  2. We are praying like crazy for Scott! And Ashley, we love you so much! Stay strong! You were there for me after my surgery and were my rock after the scare with Jenn. I'm thousands of miles away now, and all I can do is pray for you and Scott, but believe me sister we are all praying! My Alabama family and their ward family are all doing the same. WE LOVE YOU!

  3. You don't know me, but I'm a friend of the Aspers! I'm so sorry to hear about this terrible accident and my heart is aching for you guys! A few months ago I started using a product called ASEA. It is a redox signaling product. I feel awkward leaving a comment like this, but I believe with my whole heart that it could help him! For some information go to If you want to email the Atomic Medical Physicist and ask about your specific case and if the product could help he would write back! His name is Dr. Gary Samuelson. His email address is This product helps cells repair themselves. If you have questions you can call me 801-920-3994 or email Dr. Samuelson. Shauna Spendlove
    You are in our prayers!!!

  4. To the man who taught me to play soccer Scottie Doo,

    Heres a hat trick to you tonight bro, My team in Dallas FC Fenix Dedicates our 10-5 victory to you. All the positive energy and prayers from my teammates are for you. All of the passion I have for this sport has been inspired by you and during your recovery time the game will miss you but you are still the cause behind the passion and immense positive energy created on that field tonight. We are all pulling for you brother! Furthermore my office and it's 30+ employees wanted to send their love and well wishes. Their is hope and prayers for you coming from everywhere brother.