Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 221 - I Want to Ride My Bicycle - October 22, 2012

Over the past few months Scott has met the necessary requirements to return to driving. 
We actually went and got his license today.

This step, along with the cooler temperatures approaching, Scott was given the okay to start biking again.

Many people have asked us if I will let him bike again... I kind of laugh to myself at this comment because there is so much behind those words. Even before Scott was out of the hospital we had conversations about the possibility of him biking again one day.

Biking for Scott is not something that he could let go of easily. He loves every minute of being on his bike. I put myself in Scott's shoes for a moment and thought about how I would feel if he wouldn't "let me" paint or draw every again. Granted, most of my hobbies don't include things that could potentially kill me... but the love and passion behind our interests are who we are.

One of the things I love most about Scott is that he is willing to talk things out and meet in the middle with ideas. I asked him this one question:

Do you love cycling so much that you would be willing to give up your life and everything you have worked for to continue doing it at the level you were before your injury?

Thank goodness his answer was no. We talked about a way that he could still bike and be a little safer while doing so. Here is what we agreed upon.

- We can bike together. (Why not make this something we can both enjoy... that way if a car does try to take us out at least we will go together)

- No biking on major streets (People just don't pay attention to what's going on around them... less cars, less chance of being hit)

- If Scott wants to do a longer ride we will go on the canal.

Those are the new rules... and of course we will ALWAYS, ALWAYS, put on our helmets. It saved his life and it's never an option to not put it on. (Even if they look goofy)

So here is the "big" ride together!!  

Grinning Ear to Ear

Sporting the all important helmets!!

I think Scott has had this bike since he was 14... can you tell?

So right after he did a few trial runs I packed up my camera and proceeded to hop on my bike... only to find out much too late that the seat was positioned for someone much taller than I am. My feet were left dangling for a split second and next thing I knew I was tipping over.  I was so cautious about Scott getting on his bike that I didn't take the time to assess my own. I can't remember the last time a I had a scraped up knee but it sure brought back childhood memories. 

The bike ride itself went very well. We both had a great time and are 
planning on doing another ride tonight. 
We did a very quick video while riding so that you could all take the first ride with us...
Hope you all enjoy!! 

To quote Scott..
 "It feels like a piece of me has come back"