Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 105, So Blessed - June 26, 2012

Have you ever been in the grocery store or out in the community and noticed a small jar with a hole cut in the lid. On the jar there is a photo of a family or a person in need. Under the photo you read a little about their story and feel moved to help.

Last night I found myself looking at one of those jars but this time it was mine and Scott's face in the photo. It was his story on the jar. 

I can't even begin to describe the feeling when you see your friends and neighbors come to support you. When complete strangers reach into their pockets to put money into the jar. When I look into your eyes and say "thank you" it's hard to adequately convey my feelings in those two words. Thank you just doesn't feel powerful enough. It is hard for me to even say anything without bursting into tears. I searched and searched, last night for words to say to each person as they volunteered to help serve ice cream, clean tables, pass out fliers, buy ice cream, and offer their love and support. 

Last night I watched in awe as Scott scooped and served ice cream, with a smile on his face, to members of our church and our community. I watched as the line at Cold Stone Creamery in Peoria, Arizona went out the door and around the corner. I watched as people stood in 108 degree weather and waited for their ice cream. 

When I say "THANK YOU!!" What I am trying to say is: "My heart is overflowing with gratitude. Our lives have been changed by this trial, but through it we have seen such miracles! You have shown us how much good there is in this world. We are blessed to know you. We are so thankful that you have taken your time to not only tell us but also show us your love." 

There have been so many who have donated to Scott's Recovery Fund through Wells Fargo, and America First. It gives me chills to look at those deposits and know what that money could do for you in each of your lives and what a sacrifice it is to donate it. Those of you who have given your time to organize fund raisers: like the garage sale that took place a few months ago, or last night at Cold Stone, or for others who continue to come up with ways to help us pay our bills, your time and efforts to coordinate those event's are so appreciated. 

For the silent individuals who wish to remain anonymous. For kind people who cut our lawn and trim our bushes. For those of you who I can't send a gigantic thank you card to, like the individuals who were there to call for help when Scott needed medical attention, or the police officer who showed me such kindness over the phone when trying to sort out where Scott's belongings were. For the multitudes of doctors and nurses who cared for Scott and made it more than just a "job." 

For Mrs. Schvaneveldt and Mrs. Zambrano's 3rd grade classes and the beautiful artwork they sent to Scott!!

I want to share a few of these for todays post. I hope they bring a smile to your face like they did to ours. We are so blessed to have you all in our lives!! If I haven't had the opportunity to personally look you in the eyes and say "THANK YOU" please know that what you are doing and have done is so so appreciated!!

My scanner cut off the edge on some of these... sorry.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 92 - Progress & Planning, June 13, 2012

Hello everyone!!

For all you Arizona Friends
Do you Love Ice Cream?
Do you Love Prizes?

Check this Out!!

Thanks Rob and Kristin for putting this together!
My gratitude goes out to all of those who continue to show all kinds of support for us! 
We truly couldn't make it through this without you. 


I know last time I posted I mentioned that I would be updating you all on Scott's progress from his therapy tests. 

He is currently in therapy. There are multiple areas of therapy he attends. The team of individuals at CTN (Center for Transitional Neuro Rehab) include: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Neuropsychology, and Recreational Therapy.

Each of these areas did their own individual testing when Scott first arrived in the program. This last weekend we received the results of his scores in these areas as well as a treatment plan. Scott has agreed to share some of this information with all of you. The whole packet was about 30 pages but we will do small summaries of each area. 

Since Scott was in medical school and has done well with school throughout his life they expect him to be in the 93% of most of these categories. 

It is Estimated that Scott "may require up to 12 months of participation in the Home Independence and School Re-Entry Programs. His length of stay may be modified based on his progress."

His over all strengths:
a. Excellent Family Support
b. High Level of Pre-Injury Functioning
c. High Level of Motivation
d. Good Ability to Learn New Information and Utilize Compensations


Superior Range:
- Retrieval and Use of Academic Information
- Nonverbal Abstract Reasoning

High Average: 
- Knowledge of Word Meanings
- Verbal Comprehension and Knowledge of Social Rules
- Auditory Attention
- Immediate Memory Capacity
- Anticipatory Planning and Problem Solving

Average Range:  
- Verbal Abstraction
- Two and Three Dimensional Visual Integration 
- Problem Solving
- Working Memory
- Mental Computation
- Arithmetic
- Verbal Working Memory
- Selective Visual Attention/Concentration and Scanning
- Mental Flexibility
- New Concept Formation & Problem Solving 
- Immediate and Delayed incidental Visual Recall and Delayed Visual Recognition

Low or Moderate Range: 
- Divided Visual Attention
- Speed
- Visuospatial Sequential Tracking
- Working Memory
- Divided Attention 
- Information Processing (Involving suppressing interference effects over timed delays)

Severe Deficits:
-Attention to Visual Details
- Sustained Attention 
- Psychomotor Speed

Very Severe Deficits: 
- Performance on Task of Speed of Information Processing Requiring Written & Oral Responding
- Sustained Visual Attention Speed
- Visuospatial Sequential Tracking 
- Performance on Task of Verbal Learning and Memory
- Visual Fluency
- Verbal Fluency
- Right Dominate Hand Simple and Complex Motor Speed
- Planning and Route Finding 
- Generating Strategies for Problem Solving   

Speech and Language:

- Spelling Abilities (98th Percentile)

Mild Impairment:
- Auditory Comprehension
- Inferential Reasoning & Comprehension of Communication Intents

Moderate Impairment:
- Higher Level Language Processing
- Written Expression
- Arithmetic Abilities (21st Percentile/ 7th Grade Level) 
- Word Finding
- Overall Reading Abilities
- Memory

Moderate to Severe Impairment:
- Attention/Concentration 
- Speed of Processing

Severe Impairment:
- Language Formulation Skills
- Expression of Communication Intent

Occupational Therapy:
Areas of Difficulty:
- Vision
- Functional Math Skills
- Bilateral Hand Strength
- Fine Motor Coordination - (1st percentile - Very Severely Impaired)
- Right Upper Extremity Strength and Coordination
- Executive Cognitive Skills 
- Planning
- Problem Solving 
- Organization 

Hand Strength:
                                      Right Hand:                         Left Hand:               
Gross Grasp:                <10th Percentile                  25th Percentile          
2 Point Pinch:              <10th Percentile                   25th Percentile 
3 Point Pinch:                10th Percentile                   50th Percentile 
Lateral Pinch:                10th Percentile                   50th Percentile 

Physical Therapy:
- Low and High Level Balance
- Overall Strength
- Gross Motor Control 
- Spousal Support 

- Left Ankle Range of Motion 
- Right Hip and Knee Flexor Strength
- Motor Coordination
- Motor Speed
- Quality of Gait
- High Level Balance
- Stamina

The Plan:
While in therapy he will be working on developing new strategies and compensations to help him overcome and deal with his difficulties. 

Basically Scott will be doing what he always does: Not necessarily in any particular order 
- Work Hard
- Play Hard
- Study Hard
- Love Life
- Serve Others

Now Some

We recently found the "Recreation Room" on campus. Scott challenged me to a game of Ping Pong!! Now we make it an almost daily thing. After we finish our workout we go and play one game of Ping Pong or Billiards. 

I wanted to give you guys the chance to see Scott in action on the treadmill. He LOVES IT! I feel bad that I don't let him go above 5 but he has to keep his heart rate below 145.

Last but not least :
A huge thank you goes out to the Tieman Family for bringing over a training bike for Scott to borrow for awhile. He was so excited to get back on a "real bike."

What a huge moment for him. 3 months later and he is back on a bike. 
(Just not outside... or anywhere a car can hit him!!)

Now I just need to keep my eye on him and make sure he isn't sneaking off in the middle of the night to ride it!! (He wouldn't do it because he knows he shouldn't, but I am sure the thought crossed his mind.)

Happy day to all of you!!
Again, please remember how much you all mean to us. 
We love you.

Scott & Ashley