Scott Moore's Recovery Fund

We have had a number of individuals want to help out any way they can. We know that many of you are sending your prayers, love, and support. 

If you feel that you would like to help ease some of the financial burden here is how you can help:

Go into any branch (nationwide) and tell them you'd like to make a donation to the "Scott Moore Recovery" account. It can also be found under Andrea Taylor.

 If you have an America First account click here:
Go to TRANSFERS and enter this information:
From: (Your account where you want the money transferred from)
To: Another AFCU Account
Account Number: 9051343
Last Name/Business Name: Moore
Account Type: ShareSavings
Transfer Amount: The amount you would like to donate
Frequency: Once

If you do not have an AFCU account, go in to any local America First or Wells Fargo and tell them you want to donate to Scott Moore Recovery.

Again we want you to know that we feel all the prayers and love that you have sent our way. We are truly humbled and appreciative to know how much you are doing for us in this time of need. Thank you!!

Love you all,

Scott, Ashley & Family

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